Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gnam Gnam Gelato (MOVED)

NOTE: Gnam Gnam has since moved to 2248 Golden Gate Drive in Greensboro.

Located at 3712-K Lawndale Drive (next to the Fresh Market) in Greensboro, Gnam Gnam Gelato offers gelato, sorbetto, pastries, soups, sandwiches, salads, and more. Beer and wine, daily specials, and catering are available.

If Gnam Gnam was a children’s book, a fitting title would be “The Little Ice Cream Shop That Tried Too Hard.” As the establishment’s name indicates, it specializes in gelato. Gnam Gnam stocks more than a dozen flavors, and those that my party tried – Amarena cherry, caramellate, and coconut – were sweet, rich, and delicious. Better still, all the flavors can be sampled beforehand or converted into specialty dishes (gelato pie, anybody?). As an ice cream shop, Gnam Gnam is a hit.

Unfortunately, Gnam Gnam positions itself closer to a bistro than a specialty shop, and by that measure, additional shortcomings emerge. The space is small and sparsely decorated. There is seating for twenty or so, and only a few lonely pieces of artwork to mute the avocado green walls. The kitchen was also somewhat slow during our visit, but this may be a product of arriving just past opening on a Saturday.

These faults aside, the food and the service are up to par. The sandwich selection (which includes wraps, panini, and gyros) plays it safe, but everything was competently prepared. A Cuban panini was tasty and none-too-dry, and chipotle mayo and avocado added a twist to the typical BLT. Most of the sandwiches run about $7.50 and are served with chips, but the lunch combos are better deals. A half sandwich or panini, salad, and two scoops of gelato cost a mere dollar more. The (presumptive) owner walked around to check up on us during the meal, and the counterperson was friendly and accommodating.

Given the location, ambience, and size limitations, Gnam Gnam isn’t a first-choice lunch destination. However, the gelato is simply too good to ignore.


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