Saturday, June 14, 2014

Big Burger Spot

Located at 3750-A Battleground Ave. and at 510A Nicholas Rd. in Greensboro, Big Burger Spot specializes in burgers. Hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, and apps are also available. The Battleground location offers outdoor seating.

Being unabashedly unironic is a calculated risk in today’s world, but Big Burger Spot shows that every once in a while, you can get by with being what you say you are. True to the name, you can get big burgers here (exactly how big depends on the limitations of your wallet and your appetite), but variety and execution, rather than size, are the main drawing points.

Though limited compared to the cornucopian likes of Hop’s, Big Burger Spot offers quite a decent selection. You can get Angus beef, turkey, veggie, or (for an upcharge) bison patties on brioche or multigrain buns in third-pound (Almost Big) or half-pound (Big) iterations, with double the meat and toppings (Colossal) if you are feeling truly glutinous. The offerings range from the classic cheeseburger to regional offerings (Carolina pork BBQ, Texas beef brisket, Mediterranean hummus and yogurt, etc.), and you can always build your own. The fry selection is similarly rewarding and encompasses everything from the traditional (regular or sweet potato) to the decadent (white truffle Parmesan) to the heartburn-inducing (fully loaded nacho fries). You would be hard pressed NOT to find something that catches your eye here.

The execution had a few hiccups, but the results were still better than most burger joint offerings. I went with a Lonestar burger (brisket/pepperjack/crispy onions) and declined the optional jalapeno relish; BBQ sauce made for a better fit. My companion opted for a mushroom Swiss burger, and we split an order of pesto garlic aioli fries. Both burgers were ordered medium and came out juicy and covered with flavorful toppings – the mushrooms in particular were above-par. However, my companion questioned the lack of a sesame bun and found the croissant-like brioche somewhat offputting. The fries certainly weren’t lacking in seasoning but weren’t as strong as expected: they fell into the “infused” rather than the “slathered” category. Still, they made for a good pairing.

Big Burger Spot’s pricing is fair for the quality of ingredients used. The “Almost” burgers ranged from $5 to $7 without any sides and fries were in the $2 to $4.69 range. If you’re accustomed to fast food burger pricing, that will seem steep, but it compares quite favorably to “boutique” burgers around town.

In another place or another time, Big Burger Spot would clearly stand out as THE burger destination. But this being Greensboro, Hop’s has that distinction locked down for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, Big Burger Spot – faster, more casual, and slightly cheaper – makes for a compelling alternative.


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